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A lot of people think that homosexuality is a simple matter of genetics—if you have the so-called "gay gene," well, you know the rest.

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In other words, gays and lesbians are just "born that way" and that's that. While this explanation is intuitively appealing, the reality is that things are far more complex. Increasingly, scientific research suggests there are multiple factors that might contribute to homosexual orientation—and they're very different from one person to the next.

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  5. A new study explores the potential origins of male homosexuality..
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  7. The end result of all this variability is that different "kinds" or "types" of homosexuality probably exist. In other words, being gay isn't just one thing, and not everyone who is gay is gay for the same reasons.

    The Gay Man's Good Sex Guide

    This study focused specifically on exploring the potential origins of male homosexuality, but did so in a way that was very different from almost all previous studies on this topic. Whereas most research in this area has treated gay men as a homogeneous group, the researchers leading this study instead looked at subgroups of gay men who differed based on their preferred anal sex role: Preferred anal sex role has been linked to gay men's degree of gender non-conformity: This is by no means a universal difference—there are certainly feminine tops and masculine bottoms in the world.

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    The point here is simply that there's a correlation between preferred sexual role and gender non-conformity. What the researchers leading this study wanted to look at was how preferred anal sex role and gender non-conformity are linked to one specific biological factor previously shown to be associated with elevated rates of homosexuality in general: Study after study has found that homosexuality—as well as gender non-conformity—are linked to being non-right handed.

    Genetics May Determine if Gay Men Are Tops or Bottoms - Tonic

    This has been taken as evidence in favor of a biological basis for homosexuality, given that handedness is something that is determined in the womb by biological factors. As such, scientists have concluded that whatever it is that's affecting handedness is also affecting sexual orientation. In this study, men some gay, some straight were recruited online and at a Canadian Pride festival to complete a survey. They were asked about their sexual orientation, their recalled degree of gender non-conformity in childhood, the extent to which their right vs.

    Overall, 43 percent of these gay men said they preferred bottoming, 31 percent reported being versatile, and 26 percent preferred topping. The bottom and versatile men were grouped together for analyses because it turned out they were extremely similar to one another in handedness and gender non-conformity.

    The results replicated previous studies in that gay men demonstrated more non-right handedness and reported higher levels of childhood gender non-conformity than straight men.

    The Best 'SNL' Sketch You May Have Missed This Weekend

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