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  2. Gay porn star Ali Liam arrested for murder after his boyfriend is found dead
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Is your idea of a hot time being with someone real and passionate, not just Love to travel all o Currently in Moscow.

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Ali liam gay escort

Available Now. San Francisco, CA. Last Online: Fags are fucked up peeps. Allahuuuuuuu Snackbarrrrrr!! R16, so much meth and HIV in that video! Well, good for you! Get some new sheets and towels!

Gay porn star Ali Liam arrested for murder after his boyfriend is found dead

I knew nothing of this. I warned him not to go out with Ali Liam!!! Towels, R33? Ali Liam Is a "Dirty Rider". Why are the hot ones always a little crazy? What, by ISISter? There should be a word for sad old bottom murdered by hooker half his age. I hope the dog is OK. Most porn actors are just a felony waiting to happen.

Sorry he's gross and looks like he'd smell. Does he shave his eyebrow? A Middle Eastern thug murdering a gay man! Who would have dreamt of such a thing??? That dude is not Iranian -- the name as listed in that article is definitely not persian. No, he's definitely not Persian since he's not a cat. Iranian, however, he may well be.

Ripe, Cherry Ripe! The murderous hairy on the lam is early 20s? On his escort ad? Real life? Ha ha. Wow, he looks amazing for He could pass for 15 years younger. Caught him!

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Will he bottom in jail? He said that he didn't know of Ali having any trouble involving drugs or crime. Don't all gay-for-pay whores do it for their families? So earnest, these felonious whores. I wonder if he serviced many of the troops in Iraq. R72, please say you're being sarcastic.

That's a lot for a whore. Yes, do keep blaming the victim, He could die of being ugly. Knew the older boyfriend years ago.

Was super hot and super nice and very sharp. So sad Why do the hot masculine ones turn out to be so violent? Will he get the death penalty? Sounds like he deserves it. I thought CA abolished it.

'Ali liam gay' Search -

They did, but brought it back. Any developments on this story? The latest I read says they were both in the adult film industry. Just the one,d ear.

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Must be the effeminates' and the drag queens' fault. R11, I am surprised Twitter allows hardcore porn. Homophobia really does cause mental illness You do realize that this statement supports that ridiculous "gay panic" defense spuriously trotted out every time some asswipe murders a gay man.

If the killer's Muslim, why isn't this labeled as terrorism??? I feel a little sorry for the Arab guy. He must have had a terrible life. SO hot. Horny and ready to play, hunky Ali convinces Dominic to give in and forget about work. Before he knows it, his hands are tied behind his back for a over-the-knee ass spanking. Biting down on the ball gag lodged in his mouth, Dominic endures a flogging on his cock and balls before his tender ass is beaten to a pulp.

Ali rewards him with a fucking from behind before tying him down on the chair. Dominic begs for more cock until Ali pulls out and sprays his load all over the bound fuck toy that lies before him. Your email address will not be published. Let us know.